Travel the World - The Poles and Ocean

I admit it. Originally, I was going to skip over these areas.

We had finished Australia, and it was very close to the end of the school I thought perhaps we should just wrap up our trip around the world in the Land Down Under.

Alas, I got to thinking that maybe we could just squeeze in a few days for the poles and the ocean waters that covers more than 70% of our planet. Our youngest son had completed an extensive ocean unit last year for science. {I've included the links at the bottom of this post.} Therefore, we spent only a little time reviewing the ocean waters and instead, spent the majority of our time learning about the polar regions.

Spine Books ~

Read Alouds ~

Activity ~
The idea for this penguin craft was found here.

Movie ~

Since I was trying to fit this unit into less than a week of school days, I opted to forgo many hands on projects. However, I did find the following ideas which could easily be added to this unit.

Extra Ideas for the Poles ~
Previous Posts about the Oceans ~
These posts may be of interest for those planning to study the oceans more in depth.

*The copy we have is out of print. However, a more recent version can be found here.

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