We are a family of six who have been homeschooling for almost a decade. Through the years, we have had great triumphs, but we've also made some mistakes. Each has helped shape our homeschool experience into what it is today.

Currently, our days {and our school room} reflect the one room school house approach of yesteryear. Our style is more eclectic than most homeschoolers. We lean toward Classical homeschool methods and curriculum, but are willing to incorporate other methods, too. Our children learn from books, hands on activities, and projects.

Homeschooling Just Next Door is a place where I share our homeschool journey. You may read of the latest field trip, homeschool decision, or organizational help. I also like to share lesson ideas, teacher resources, and any free printables I make. Basically, if it relates to homeschooling, learning, or education you may see it here.

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