Breaking Free of the School at Home Model

Homeschooling doesn't have to be school at home.

It took me years to accept this simple fact. I planned, taught, and orchestrated our days in a school-like manner. There's nothing wrong with this. Except when it isn't the right fit for your children, your family, or you. It wasn't for us. Over the past decade, as I have learned to embrace the freedom homeschool brings, our homeschooling style has changed and become something that does not resemble a classroom experience at all.

10 Freeing Things You Should Know About Homeschool Lessons
  1. Some curriculum is best left in a classroom.
  2. Some work is just busy work.
  3. A child doesn't always have to do all the the problems, worksheets, and projects for a child to learn a concept.
  4. Change can be good. Variety makes learning fun.
  5. Homeschool lessons won't always look like classroom lessons.
  6. It may take less time than you thought or scheduled. A child may learn a lesson very quickly.
  7. It may take more time than you thought or scheduled. A child may want to explore a topic more indepth.
  8. Location is not necessarily important. Learning can happen anywhere.
  9. Schedules can be varied. There is no one set time which you have to homeschool. Weekends and evenings are available for learning experiences. And, sometimes, learning is impromptu.
  10. Every single lesson and learning opportunity does not have to be planned out to every single minute detail. Use as much or as little detail as you need.

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  1. Great post! Our homeschooling changes every year and continues to look less and less like school.


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