Getting Ready for High School

Sometimes we are told to begin with the end in mind. This is all fine and dandy except when you are taking something, like homeschooling, year by year. Without a true end in sight, how do you know what to aim for?

For years, we homeschooled year by year. Honestly, we still do. However, I have taken to planning with one end in sight. The finish line of eighth grade. Oh, sure, we're still going to be homeschooling in high school, but there are certain abilities and academic marks we want each of my children to achieve before they begin high school. There is also a particular set of knowledge we want my children familiar with prior to high school. All of these are markers, or goals, we want each child to meet prior to completing eighth grade.

Each year, we determine how far a child has progressed, what areas need reviewed or introduced. Always moving toward the finish line at the child's learning pace.

With one child in eighth grade, we are quickly approaching that finish line. Over the next several months, we'll be assessing him for the final time.

Will we have failed or succeeded in meeting our academic plan? This remains to be determined.

*Photographs from the archives.

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