Shakespeare Resources and Lesson Ideas

When my daughter chose Shakespeare as her birthday party theme, I was thrilled. I thought there would be lots of ideas and plans available. Since her birthday party was to be postponed until after the holiday season, I decided to wait until after Christmas to start planning. After all, I assumed there was a plethora of information and ideas available. There was no hurry, right?

Alas, I was wrong, quite wrong. Apparently, not many young girls have a Shakespeare themed birthday party. I had to start from square one with only a few weeks to plan her party.

However, the internet is bursting with information about Shakespeare, his works, and the time period in which he lived. I researched it all. What follows are websites and resources which I thought would be great resources for anyone planning a lesson on Shakespeare.

Online Resources

Complete Works of Shakespeare found here

Language {articles and helps}


Food {articles and recipes}


Games of Shakespeare's time found here

Articles and Activities for Kids

Teacher Resources

Books and Videos {we found most at our local library}

Biographies and Nonfiction Resources


Picture Books of Plays

Videos of Plays
  • BBC & Time Life Films: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare - {We borrowed Twelfth Night}

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  1. Bookmarking this one, and pinning it - I can see my daughter wanting a Shakespeare party one day soon. Thanks for the list!

  2. What an exhaustive list!! We just finished Shakespeare, and I wish I would have had this post a few weeks ago! Good job :-)


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