Marking One Hundred Days

Friday marked our 100th school day this year.
As we do each year, we made and ate a few special treats.
This year we opted to make these yummy treats.
{My sister had made them years ago, but I had forgotten about them
until the girls attended a friend's birthday party recently and these candies were served.}
We also made 'snowy trees' from brownies and icing with colored confetti mixed into it.
A full moon graced each wintry tree scene.
The day was extra-special as we spent some time rollerskating with friends.
Do you celebrate 100 days of school as well?
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  1. Mmmmm.....those look so yummy!! I've never celebrated 100 days of school, but I'm thinking that might be a good excuse for making some of those treats you pictured here on your post, so we might have to start doing it. ;) Thanks for linking up with us at Hip Homeschool Moms and for sharing our Hip Homeschool Hop button! Have a wonderful week!


  2. Wonderful idea! When my children were in private school, the first graders each made crafts using 100 pieces of anything they wanted. My son used. 100 Lego pieces to make the numerals 1-0-0. I love that you went skating; I may have to copy off you again!

  3. what a fun way to celebrate


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