Just Enough Snow

Sure, we have studied snow and learned how snowflakes are formed.
We have read lots of books on snow... In fact, just last weekend, we found a new-to-us library book on snowflakes called The Secret Life of a Snowflake: An Up-Close Look at the Art & Science of Snowflakes, by Kenneth Libbrecht. It is filled with amazing pictures of beautiful snowflakes.
And over the years, we've made quite a few of our own,
but there is something special about being in the snow,
observing it for ourselves.
Last year, the temperatures dipped, but we had very little snow. Not enough to observe, and certainly not enough to really spend a day playing in the snow.
This year, there has only been two three small snow falls.
The first was on Christmas Eve and it was absolutely gorgeous attending church as the snowflakes fell, but it turned to rain within a few hours.
At the beginning of this month there was another. Apparently, it didn't make too great of an impression as I had to update this post a day later when I saw a picture I had taken of the snow.
Then this past Monday night's weather produced just enough snow and icicles to investigate.
Now, we are looking forward to the possibility of much more snow later this week.
It could be enough to have a snow day,
to play in, build a snowman,
or have a snowball fight. 
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  1. It's so cold here today that my hand froze to the doorknob when I let the dogs out. The frost patterns on the windows are beautiful, though!


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