Snowflakes and Snow: Lesson Ideas and Resources


This winter, whether you want snow to fall or not, why not make a fun lesson out of the cold winter weather? A few ideas to get you started follow.

Make a snowflake


History Books

Science Books and Resources

Math and Critical Thinking

Read or memorize a variety of poems about winter or snow, including:

Study poetry by one poet, like Robert Frost
Art Appreciation
Younger and older students can view and compare paintings like:
Art Projects

  • Allow students to paint a water color winter scene using this idea.
  • Or try one of these tactile projects our family completed in past years:

Winter Wonderland Scenes

These snowy scenes made several years ago are made from construction paper (brown, blue, and white). Trees were cut out of brown paper. The falling snow and snow covered hills were torn from white paper.

A Snowman

This snowman is made from felt, construction paper, thin foam, buttons, pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes, pony beads, and glitter. In addition to the different textures, some of the supplies (foam circles, buttons, and pipe cleaner pieces) offered an exercise in size comparison (big, medium, and little) for my youngest when he was in preschool.

Interesting Books to Read Aloud

For Fun

Winter Poetry
When the Weather Outside is Cold

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  1. You've put together a great collection of activities here! Thank you for sharing. We've been meaning to try growing out own snowflakes for ages as we re-read Snowflake Bentley - I think today's the day!


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