Winter Poetry

Since we actually had a measurable snowfall this past weekend, I wanted to include a few winter poems into our homeschool days this week.  Two books, found at the library, were a simple way to achieve this.

Our two oldest children have memorized Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, by Robert Frost, and it is one of my favorite poems.  Despite, or perhaps because of, our familiarity with the poem, we thoroughly enjoyed a book illustrated by Susan Jeffers.  Using one line of the poem for each page, Jeffers adds visual beauty to the words.  Her illustrations are lovely.

A poem we were less familiar with was originally called A New England Boy's Song About Thanksgiving Day in 1844.  Some may know the poem as Over the River and Through the Wood, by L. Maria Child.  It is based on her memories of going to her grandfather's house near the Mystic River in Medford, MA.  Though the poem is set on Thanksgiving Day, the family's sleigh ride through the snow definitely seems wintry and was a lot of fun to read after the recent snowfall.

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