Yuletide Tour - Field Trip

For years I have wanted to take the Yuletide Tour. It showcases Christmas decorations and traditions from America's history as well as some fun Christmas decorations. This year, we went.

~ Can you see the pig's head? ~
1 ~ A picture of a column from natural elements, ie. the column is from birch tree bark
2 ~ Greenery atop a door way
3 ~ The colorfully wrapped gifts atop the diningroom table
4 ~ A passway to a beautifully decorated tree
Two of the beautifully decorated trees:
the one on the left is dried flowers
and the one on the right is silk (fake) flowers
In addition to the hour long guided Yuletide Tour, we browsed through several exhibit halls,
viewing many artifacts from America's history.
Some of our favorites were...
  1. a-b. Loom
  2. Display showing layers of bedding
  3. An iron plate
  4. Cushy chair pillow
  5. Curved arm detail

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