Answering the High School Question

Have you gotten it yet? 
The high school question that is. 

You know the one that follows the where do your kids go to school question that can lead down a few different roads, but when your oldest towers above your head, one look in his direction and the next question is: What about high school? 

Will you still homeschool for high school? 

We have always answered as honestly as possible.  In the past, we did not know.  There really are a plethora of schooling options and we wanted to be sure which way God was leading us.  We didn't want to close ourselves off to any possibility.  

Do we send him to a brick and mortar school?  If so, public, military, or private?  If public, regular, vo-tech, or charter?  If private, which kind a religious or college prep?  Which school matches our method of education?  Which school fits our child's style of learning the best?

Do we keep on homeschooling right through high school all the way to graduation?  If so, do we school completely on our own?  Continue to use an umbrella school?  Continue to use co-op classes? Start taking a few classes through local schools or universities? What about the homeschool schools which offer classes once or twice a week, but preserve some type of homeschooling atmosphere? 

We have always viewed our homeschool as levels, not really by grades.  By a certain level, a child should be prepared for {fill in the blank}.  So, by the time our children finish eighth grade, we want them to be at a certain level of learning, knowledge, and understanding.  While this aspiration and expectation prepares the child for any option, it doesn't give us a distinct direction. 

We are left with a clear view of all the possibilities, but no clear path.

Decision time is weighing down upon us heavily.  He is in eighth grade. 

However, we have spent a good deal of the last year deciding.  For us, we will continue to homeschool. 

Now, if we can just figure out how exactly
It is the current question which we struggle and wrestle with.


  1. Good for you! I always love to hear when people are going to continue. There are great high school curriculums available. You can find high school bloggers at a blog I follow

  2. I love homeschooling high school! As Lee Binz (the "homescholar") says: "Homeschooling high school is your reward for homeschooling all those years." I'm finding that to be true and it's going way too fast. Enjoy!

  3. This is a very timely post for my family. Our oldest is a sixth grader and it has started to come up. All of your feelings are the same thoughts we are having. We are currently staying open to all possibilities - there isn't pressure for us to decide quite yet.


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