A Nature Walk - Early Autumn Colors in the Woods

This past Tuesday afternoon, with warm temperatures and clear skies,
how could we not help but venture out to enjoy it all.
We chose a two mile hiking trail at a nearby state park.
The trail is actually best suited for mountain biking,
but is accessible to hikers as well.
We last walked this trail when the trees wore spring buds.
To see it full of broad leaves and radiant colors was a joy.
Along one part, the trail winds through a small meadow with a stagnant pond.
We even saw some berries alongside of the trail.
Truly, it was a lovely day to be out in God's creation,
enjoying the sights and sounds of the woods.
Walking among such beautiful sights with my children,
my heart swelled with gratitude and joy.
I am ever so grateful for this time with them.

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