Ten {Plus One} Mistakes

...this homeschooler has made.

Perhaps, you can relate?

  1. Allowing fear of what others will or won't think determine choices
  2. Not putting my children's hearts first
  3. Not adjusting curriculum or lesson plans for child; pushing a child too quickly through a lesson
  4. Not getting to the root of a problem, changing curriculum too easily
  5. Spending too much money on curriculum
  6. Buying into the idea of homeschool being the only way to achieve high academics or quality character
  7. Comparing our family to others
  8. Isolating self from others
  9. Trying to replicate another's way or family life, not embracing our individuality
  10. Spending too much time, researching, planning and doing, not enough time just being and discovering

...and the plus one?

+1. Proceeding without prayer! Just because we felt the call to homeschool, doesn't mean we should leave God at the start line.

Six Things I Would Tell a New Homeschooler


  1. Dorie - I am guilty on all 10 (+1) accounts.

    This list is a wonderful reminder!

  2. I love this list. Found myself nodding again and again. #10, is a biggie for me. GREAT list.

  3. Great list Dorie! I have felt many of these in the past few months.

  4. Love your blog~ I am afraid I have been guilty as well. :) Isn't it amazing how we learn as much as the kids do?


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