Wasting Time and Money on Curriculum Purchases

I've done it.  Maybe you have as well. 

I have wasted money trying to find the biggest, bestest (that's better than best, no it's not a word, it is a concept) curriculum guaranteed to make my children the smartest, most well rounded (I didn't want to say roundest) adult ever. 

Guess what? 

It didn't deliver. 

Actually, for me, it doesn't really exist.  I was buying into the idea, or should I say ideal.  I was fashioning this concept of an ideal curriculum into an idol. 

Over the years, I have spent hours, days, and weeks searching for this ideal curriculum.  I read countless reviews, searched through catalogs, and scanned numerous previews during my quest.  When I had thought I had found it, I bought. 

Only once it was received and used, I discovered, to my dismay, it didn't work as well as it promised.  Maybe a few components were not quite right for my family, my children, or my situation.  A few things had to be tweaked, altered, or removed.  Other items had to be added.  This was not ideal! 

Where was the ideal curriculum I wanted?

Another quest, another answer, and another disappointment followed the first and second attempts.  Always, the ideal curriculum was elusive.  Yet, I thought, it could be found.  I strived harder, spent longer hours researching, and still, I could not find it.  Nothing perfectly fit my family, my children, or my situation.  There was no ideal curriculum for us!

I was flabbergast.  It was then that the Lord sent a few more moms into my life.  These moms shared their wisdom and knowledge with me.  They helped me realize that my quest was fruitless.  I was placing my faith in curriculum, expecting it to bring forth blessings which can only come from the Lord.

Now, when I see those wonderful curriculum reviews or receive shiny homeschool catalogs, I may read them and even consider the curriculum, but I know it won't be ideal.  It won't deliver.  My children won't be the smartest or most well rounded because of the curriculum we use or don't use.  Those are blessings given to us by the Lord, not a specific curriculum. 

As this new school year begins and we homeschoolers start talking about which curriculum we use and which we don't, let us keep it all in the proper perspective.  May we all remember there is no ideal curriculum.  What works for one family, may not work for yours, and chances are something about it will need to be altered, changed, omitted, or added. 


  1. THese are great reminders and a source of encouragement for new homeschoolers (going into year kinder here). Thank you.

  2. YES! We have had such similar experiences in this department. We are using something that fits as well as I can hope with three different children and Tailor the rest. The bet part about homeschooling - for my family - has been te ability to make those changes when curriculum won't fit. There is a bigger plan and someone far better at forming people in charge.


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