Coral Reef Dioramas

After weeks of studying ocean life with a focus on coral reefs, the science co-op class I teach has completed their coral reef dioramas.   Each week, as we learned about a different creature or type of creature, the students made a small scale model or picture of that particular creature.  A mound of completed creatures grew over the weeks.  Finally, last Wednesday, we began assembling the dioramas.  The children were quite excited to put all the pieces together, and their completed dioramas looked great! 

Our two youngest children are in the class.  Their completed projects...

our youngest daughter's diorama

our youngest son's diorama

Each one includes:
moray eel
sea cucumber
sea star
jelly fish
scallop shell
clam shell
oyster shell
sea anemone
sea urchin
brain coral

By using mostly supplies we had on hand or supplies we could get for free, we were able to guide the students through creating these dioramas at a very low cost.  In fact, we only needed to purchase five supplies: feathers, pom-poms, tooth picks, styrofoam balls, and blue foam pages.  The entire project cost less than one dollar per student.

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  1. Wow - how creative! I love the idea, and I love that it was so inexpensive :)

  2. These are fabulous! What a great job they did!


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