Why Should You Join a Co-op?

Yesterday, I shared about co-ops in general. I walked the fence between good for your family and not so good for your family. Today, I just want to highlight the benefits of joining a co-op, because truly there are many.

So, just why should you join a co-op? What are the benefits?

  1. Friends for you and your children
  2. Encouragement from someone else on the homeschooling journey
  3. A sense of accountability
  4. Discovering some creative ideas
  5. Learning from one another
  6. Iron sharpens iron
  7. Your children get to learn from others who teach what maybe you can't, or have a passion for their subject that you just can't muster
  8. Generally, co-ops have a relatively low cost
  9. Since you don't want to create a 'mini me' out of your child, a co-op may just be the environment which will help your child become who God created them to be
  10. Free resources - OK, it isn't really about this, but it is a fringe benefit. Nonetheless, in the co-ops we have participated, I've given and gotten some really nice curricula for free.

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