The Final Stretch

...a weekly wrap-up

It has been quite a few weeks around here! I know the days are flying by with me hanging on tightly. After today, we have just two more days of school left.

History Studies: Space Exploration, 1950's-1990's, and Civil Rights

Using The Story of the World, Volume 4, chapters 35 and 36 as a spine book, we have studied Space Exploration, 1960's, and Civil Rights. Some other resources we used were:

Geography Studies:
Our youngest son is completing his trip around the world. Pictured above is an art project he did while studying Australia {4}. Next year, my oldest son will complete his own trip around the world. Though his will be more in depth as it will be taught on a high school level.

It is the end of year review for my daughter's spelling course. At the end of the year, we review any words she had difficulty mastering. I retest her on these words. If she is still having difficulty, then we implement a 'right brain' spelling technique I learned last year at a homeschool convention {2}.

New to Our Local Library and Us:

What's Working/Not Working for Us:
Several activities are finishing this week, including...
  • soccer {5a and 5b}
  • science co-op {3 - my youngest son's model of a nerve cell - idea found here}
With the ending of these activities, the children are having more time to play and explore. One day, I found them all engaged in a two board Monopoly game {1}. For those of you curious, the two boards were a regular Monopoly board and a Littlest Pet Shop Monopoly board. The boys agreed to use the very feminine LPS Monopoly board if the Star Wars figures were the game pieces. To this, the girls agreed, and they all four happily played the game.

A Photo to Share:
Look what we found just beyond our dining room windows...


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  1. It sounds like you had a great week, Dorie!

  2. Awesome week! What a wonderful fun list of books.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. Oh, the bird's nest is just gorgeous -- what a blessing to spot that.

    As always, I learn so much from reading your blog, Dorie! Thank you! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. What a wonderful year you have had! (And I LOVE that monopoly story!)


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