Nature Observations from the Beach

We hadn't planned a trip to the beach.  It was a whim.  Originally, we were to spend Mother's Day afternoon at an art museum, but that plan got scratched while sitting in the pew Sunday morning.  We were singing a song, and the lyrics were set to a picture of the ocean, which got me thinking about going to the beach.  So, we did.  By early afternoon, we were eating a late lunch on the shore. 

As with every outing in nature, we tend to observe our surroundings, whether it is a full blown nature walk or not.  Yesterday, we watched porpoises in the water, tracking their travels through the ocean waves.  Gulls circled overhead,

and lizards creeped in the sandy soil?! 

We do not believe this little critter is native to our area as he seems more suited for an all year warmer climate.  However, he was an interesting find. 

As the crowds gathered around to check out the lizard, it reminded me of a book my children love, Lucas the Littlest Lizard, by Kathy Helidoniotis.  In this book, Lucas lives at a zoo, and is very upset that the crowds pass him by, in favor of the more entertaining animals.  He decides to learn to perform, and he does, but still no one notices him.  Until, the rain cancels the other animal shows.  Then, someone notices Lucas, and the crowds surge about him as he performs.

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