Water, Ocean, and Coral Reefs

Over the past dozen or so weeks, I have taught ocean life in our Wednesday science co-op class.  I was blessed to use another teacher's lesson plans for the majority of classes, and only had to write lesson plans for three classes. {a class on water, another on oceans in general, and one on oceanic food webs}  However, I was not able to find all the reference books and read aloud books she had used. Each week, I trekked to our local library in search of suitable books to read aloud. Thankfully our library had a large selection of books on most of the topics we covered in class.

Hello, Fish!: Visiting The Coral Reef

Some of the children's favorite read alouds were...
This is the Ocean, by Kersten Hamilton
The Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor, by Joanna Cole
The Magic School Bus Takes a Dive, by Joanna Cole
What Lives in a Colorful Coral Reef? by Rachel Lynette
About Crustaceans, by Cathryn Sill
Crab, by Lloyd G. Douglas
Hello Fish! Visiting the Coral Reef, by Sylvia A. Earle
Mister Seahorse, by Eric Carle
Whale Shark: The World's Biggest Fish, by Meish Goldish
Wish for a Fish: All About Sea Creatures, by Bonnie Worth

An Ocean Lesson
A Wet Lesson on Water
Coral Reef Dioramas

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