The Creatures We Encounter - Episode V

It was an ordinary day.  I was out in the garden watering with our younger daughter.  The water flowed over our tomato plants, bathing the leaves and our garden guest?

Honestly, it took me awhile to realize it was not a clump of dirt on top of our biodegradable, organic weed barrier paper.  We only had a little of the paper left and decided to put it around the tomatoes.  The rest of the garden is a free-for-all-weed-growing-jubilee. 

This little guy should not be confused with the creature we found near our lily bed.  It constantly amazes us what creatures show up in our yard.  The very next day, strung from the hosta to the fence behind the children's digging area was this boldly colored little fellow waiting for his lunch to arrive.  What an easy way to observe the beauty and diversity of creation!

However, the most interesting encounter we had recently was this little family, who stopped traffic, 

{Make Way for Ducklings Geese!}

and made us late for this game.

Thankfully, we only missed the very beginning.

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