Birds and Flowers Galore

It is spring!  Don't you just love how nature is bursting forth with life?  All sorts of creatures are emerging out of hiding.  Birds are chirping, building nests, laying eggs, and generally hanging around our back yard.

This week, at the library, we found a book full of full color photographs and poetry.  The photographs of Jason Stemple are paired with the words of Jane Yolen in Birds of a Feather.  We enjoyed the individual poems and short descriptions of each bird.  Many of the birds we have seen in our nature walks or while visiting family members, a few were new to us, but all of them were fun to look at and read about.

The children also pulled Bird Songs from Around the World, by Les Beletsky from our shelves.  Delving into the book, they paged through most of the book, reading about a variety of birds and listening to their recorded calls.

Flowers are in bloom spreading their sweet scent and beauty throughout our yard.  Not only are our children observing the beauty of creation in our very own yard, they are finding ways to use some of it. 

Our youngest son decided to line the center of the fire pit table with a few of these golden dandelions.

Our oldest daughter gave me a bouquet of cherry blossoms from the tree in our front yard.  She attached a note with precious words of gratitude and the assurance that these blossoms were not picked from the tree, but gleaned from the yard.

Both daughters have made a plethora of paper flowers to give to their grandmas and aunts.  Those pictured above were the ones they made me.  They used a book and paper from a set my youngest daughter received as a gift for Christmas.

And, just the other day, Marla shared this adorable food idea in the shape of a flower.  It is something I want to try for my children soon.

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