Bakery Field Trip

Two weeks ago, our preschool to third grade science co-op class had a fun field trip.  We visited a bakery. 

I have never been inside the kitchen of a commercial bakery and it was fascinating.  The large oven had rotating racks that could bake 250 loaves at once.  They had an automatic slicer, but only used it on occasion when customers requested sliced bread.  Typically, they sell their bread in loaves.  We learned the five basic ingredients to bread and why each one is important.  We saw where and how they grind whole grain into flour for their bread, how they store their honey, and what live yeast (not dried) looks like.  The children even kneaded bread and taste tested some after the tour.  We spent over an hour there learning and observing.  I was enthralled.  Oh, and the children enjoyed the tour as well!

One of the fun facts we learned on the tour...A honey bee only produces a small amount of honey in its life time.  I guessed a gallon, and was way off.  It is only about one to two teaspoons in its entire life.

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