More Creatures We've Encountered

Science observations from our front porch, or even on our front door...

One evening, while the fall air blew coolness into the house, the screen door became a place of rest for this little guy, or gal.

It wasn't the first time we have found a critter of some sort on our front porch.  Most of the time it is a spider, caterpillar, mosquito, or toad.  There was the time this past spring, the robins nested above our front porch light.  And, once this past summer, my husband retrieved a snake from the road for us to check out a little closer.

With each critter we closely observe, the children and I are growing an appreciation for the diversity and uniqueness of creation.


  1. We always have some extra creature living in our kitchen for an extra night or two while we examine it closer. I love that part of home schooling. I haven't brought home a snake yet...LOL my husband might draw the line at that:)

  2. You are brave!!! My house is critter free. I fail that part of homeschooling.......nature video anyone???


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