Beautiful Illustrations

Sometimes we find a well known story illustrated in such a beautiful manner that we find ourselves returning to the book not so much for the favorite story, but for the favorite illustrations that depict the beloved story.  Such is the case with the three books topping our youngest's read aloud list this week.  The Little Red Hen, The Lion & the Mouse, and The Ugly Duckling are three books beautifully illustrated by Jerry Pinkney.  Each one captivates us.

The Little Red Hen is retold by Pinkney.  The story line has small variations from the one we are most familiar with, but the alterations are only slight, and not overly noticeable.  Of course the same basic strong work ethic of the hen is unchanged and promoted consistently throughout the story.

Hans Christian Andersen's The Ugly Duckling is adapted and illustrated by Jerry Pinkney as well.  The book showcases a 'duck' trying to find acceptance and love.  Difficulties ensue.  Until one day, the 'duck' discovers his true identity.  He is a beautiful swan.  How remarkable this children's story shares truth of acceptance, true identities, and beauty of for all ages! 

Unlike the first two, The Lion & the Mouse has no accompanying words.  In this work, the illustrations tell the entire story.  When we first started looking through this book, I told my son the story.  Now, it is fascinating to allow him to retell the story from looking at the pictures.

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