Planning Our Reading and Read Alouds

Books, books, books!  By the end of the school year, I am amazed by how many books we have read together or independently.  Each one is a treasure.  Planning our reading and read alouds for the upcoming school year, I look forward to opening each one and finding the wealth of enjoyment and information hidden within its pages. 

After many years of homeschooling, I know that no matter what list I begin the year using, it will change with additions and subtractions as the year progresses, but I still like to start each year with a solid direction. 

The planned read alouds for our upcoming school year (2012-13)...

The planned reading for my eighth grader...

The planned reading for my sixth grader...

The planned reading for my fourth grader...

By the pictures, you can probably tell some of what we'll be studying.  Our history lessons will cover from about 1830 to present day, which means a lot of our readers and read alouds will coincide with our history lessons.  However, I am sure as we journey through our school year, we will find many new to us books to squeeze into our days.


  1. I am beginning to suspect that we use the same core curriculum, Dorie. I am literally drooling over your books! Our books for next year are on their way - hurry ups man! We will be studying the same time period in history for 6th, 4th and 2nd grades.

    1. Maybe we do? We use Story of the World as a history spine and accompany that with a lot of the readers from Sonlight, which we have used in the past.
      It is so exciting when the new books arrive in our household as well.

  2. Planning reading is so fun! I love your choices of books! And I love how organized you are - I am impressed that you are planning the read alouds for the entire year!

    1. Ah, Marla, thanks, but I should admit that I do not always plan a year's worth of read alouds ahead of time. Some years, like this one, I do. Some years, like last year, I didn't. For me, I prefer to plan ahead when possible. I like to know what is coming up, and if it needs tweaked or altered as we go through the year, just easier for me.


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