Planning a Year

Sometimes it is daunting to plan an entire year for one student, let alone two, or more!

Now that our school year has ended, our year end reports are turned in, and our portfolios are completed, I can turn my full attention to planning for next year.

Typically, I start with the basics.  Using a One Year Summary page, I sketch out when certain sports seasons occur, which months we have breaks, when co-ops begin, and when specific exhibits or special days happen.  For instance, football season runs from August through October.  On those months, I make a note of this.  When we found out The Dead Sea Scrolls would be on exhibit in Philadelphia until October, I made a note of this as well.  We don't want to miss that opportunity!  Our science co-op begins in August, but our Friday co-op doesn't start until September.  Both of these are included on the summary. 

Then, I create a One Year of Studies plan for each child.  Each is simply a grid of subjects.  I list how I will approach and teach each subject.  Will the class be taught by me?  If so, with what books or texts?  Will the class be covered by a co-op?  Or will we seek a tutor's help?  These are the kind of basic questions I try to answer on this planning page.  Once everything is filled in, it allows me to check for balance as well.  Are there too many items in the science category and nothing in the history block?  Did I forget to plan for art or music?   This also ensures that I have planned to keep the core classes as our main focus without neglecting our extras.

If you are beginning, or already knee deep in the planning phase, for next school year, then perhaps these forms will help you as well.  They are available here.

Later this week, I hope to share more of our upcoming school year, including the books we will be reading aloud next year.

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