Another Creature Encounter

Once the rain had finally cleared enough, we spent a weekend afternoon cleaning up the yard.  We weeded the flower beds and garden.  My husband and a few of our children finished the new dirt digging play area.  And before the lawn was mowed, we found...

...right before he (or she) hopped into the lily flower bed.

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  1. Hopefully your weeding didn't require the same aggressive tactics mine did - I weeded the flower bed this weekend and actually used clippers. I'm a great gardener (wink, elbow).

    1. No, but that was us about a month ago when we declared 'war on weeds' - since then we've used the liner, mulch, and a chemical barrier. The weeds still come up! Granted not so many as before, but still, really?! Sometimes, all I feel like I can grow is weeds :-)


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