Birds, Bees, and Blooms

The other day, I walked out our back door to play water guns with my boys, and saw this.

When I asked what was so interesting, they informed me there were baby birds in the boxes!  My husband and I already knew the eggs had hatched, but were waiting for the kids to discover them.  I should note that the bird boxes are actually for bluebirds, but when the other birds moved in, we didn't move them out.  Can you see the baby birds?  Look for the beaks on the upper left corner of the dark feather area.

There is another bluebird box on the other side of the yard.  Again, another pair of birds moved in and we never moved them out.  They have babies as well, but the lid does not flip open and we can't see them.

Our largest tree, a catalpa tree, is in full bloom.  Beautiful white blossoms grace large green leaves.

And, the bees have come to pollinate.  We watch them buzz about the tree.

Do you see the bee inside the flower in the second picture?

In another part of our yard, the rose bushes are in full bloom.  The pink roses smell amazing.  Often we pick a few to bring into their scent into the house.  The two rose bushes are actually near the second bluebird box.  Our yard isn't really that large, but we have a lot of variety in our plantings.

One day this past weekend, the two younger children took some time to pick a few treasurers from the yard.

They were sure to share with me, and I gladly added the rose to my mixed bouquet of a Mother's Day carnation, three leaf clover, and catalpa flower.

Then, they took a few favorite finds and pressed them.

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