Civil War Day

We haven't quite reached the American Civil War in our history studies, but we jumped at the chance to participate in a Civil War Day with our Friday co-op.  The entire day centered around the Civil War time period. 

Reenactors shared with us and taught the children to march in formation.

With the older children, they discussed strategies of advancement and retreat.

There was also food, fun games, crafts, and an Underground Railroad activity scheduled into the day.

A few books we borrowed from our library to give us a sense for the time period:

Underground, by Shane W. Evans
A book of few words, but powerful feeling of traveling on the Underground Railroad.  Appropriate for preschoolers and up.

B is for Battle Cry: A Civil War Alphabet, by Patricia Bauer
If you are familiar with these alphabet books, it follows the same format with each letter standing for one idea, place, person, or item from the Civil War time period.  This particular book seems to have more text for each additional explanation.  It is an excellent introduction to the time period.  Excellent for younger elementary by reading just the poetical alphabet text.  Older children, or highly interested children, may enjoy reading all the additional information
1862 Fredericksburg: A New Look at a Bitter Civil War Battle, K.M. Kostyal
Published by National Geographic Kids, this book includes actual photographs of reenactors.  The photography, text, and map help readers understand and envision the actual events.  A few letters and memoirs of people who actually lived in the time period are included in special sections throughout the book.  The book is very thorough and even offers an additional section on Fredericksburg as well as reenactors.  Photographs can be shared with all ages.  The text is in chapter format and is probably best suited for older elementary and middle school ages.

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