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Math was one of my favorite subjects in school.  Actually, I liked most of the subjects, except science.  I am not sure I ever had a good science class, or rather, one that I enjoyed.  It was always at the bottom of my favorite list, if I had to list them all.  Math, however, was closer to the top, right alongside of history and literature. 

While I personally find numbers and calculations fun, some of my children do not.  Which is why, when I found a few new-to-me math resources at the library, I picked them up, checked them out, and brought them home.  We have been going through them a little at a time over the past few days.

Here's what I found...

How Many Jelly Beans? A Giant Book of Giant Numbers! by Andrea Menotti
Two children and a dog, discuss how many jelly beans they could eat over the course of a year.  With each number grouping, the same number of jelly beans are shown.  As the numbers increase, the jelly beans are pictured in decreasing size to fit on the page.  Finally, in a huge fold out section, one million jelly beans are shown.  Fabulous and fun way to learn the immensity of larger numbers.

What's Your Angle, Pythagoras? A Math Adventure, by Julie Ellis
While this is probably not the best biography, as it is not historically accurate, it is a great book to introduce the concept of Pythagorean Theorem and its practical application.  Excellent resource for any student learning the basics of geometry.

Sir Cumference and the Isle of Immeter: A Math Adventure, by Cindy Neuschwander
Join a host of characters with math related names in a medieval setting complete with knights, damsels, and dragons.  In this math adventure, two cousins must sail to the Isle of Immeter and use formulas for perimeters and areas to solve a mystery.  A fun way to introduce, or reinforce these concepts.

Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angleland: A Math Adventure, by Cindy Neuschwander
Another Sir Cumference book!  These books are a favorite of my children.  They love the whimsy and comedy.  I love the math concepts they learn.  This one is about angles and is another great resource for learning some of the basics of geometry. 

Math Challenge: Fractions, animated video by Schlessinger Media
Using a fictional story line of secret agents and villains, our hero Matt Mattics must solve math problems involving fractions, mixed numbers, and improper fractions. Students are encouraged to help Matt.  The episode is about 10 minutes in length.

Math Challenge: Equivalent Fractions & Mixed Numbers, animated video by Schlessinger Media
Both Dr. Strangeglove and Secret Agent Matt Mattics are again locked in a fight of good verses evil.  Math questions using equivalent fractions and mixed numbers are vital to good's triumph in this episode of Math Challenge.  This episode is about 15 minutes in length.

Bill Nye's Solving: Algebra I, Volume I, video by Disney Educational Productions
A twenty-five minute video filled with Bill Nye's (the Science Guy) quirky, but informative explanations.  Algebraic principles including variables, balancing equations, and exponents are covered in this first volume.  A great extra when beginning algebra.

These math resources are fabulous finds from our local library.  If you can find any or all of them at your local library, I would definitely recommend borrowing them!

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