Making the Most of Every Opportunity

Just because we have slowed down our schedule this summer, it doesn't mean we have slowed down our learning. Everyday there is an opportunity to learn something new and different. We simply have to be willing to find it, ask about it, or try it.

Getting out in the community provides wonderful opportunities for learning.

Every summer I schedule the children's appointments. In these warm months, we will visit the eye doctor for annual eye exams, the pediatrician for well visits, and the dentist for a cleaning. It is simply just easier for our family to schedule these appointments during our summer break.

Today, as I write this, two of my children had an eye doctor appointment. {When you have multiple children with multiple appointments, combining appointments is a necessity.} All the children and I went. If it weren't our summer break, I would totally count today as a field trip...

{to read the rest of this article, please visit Growing Your Homeschool, where I am sharing about some of our summer learning.}


  1. We should totally do that, I've never even thought of it! We are lucky enough to have doctors that will see all six at once. :)

    1. Wow, and I thought having to schedule four was challenging, but so worth it :-) What a blessing to be able to get all six seen at the same time!


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