What School Looks Like In Our Home

...almost one year after this post with the same title.

The following are glimpses of our homeschool...because as much as I try {and TRY} I always fall short on my goal to keep posting weekly wrap-ups.

Over the past three four weeks or so, we have...

gone to an art museum for a Chinese New Year celebration and time of learning

were inspired to try a few of the art projects we saw showcased

and have now started learning about Africa
discovered some facts about magnets
while playing with toys and a key ring
{the younger two}
watched the youngest speak about rockets in an oral presentation during science co-op
{the rocket he made for visual aid is pictured above}
 started new seeds after my daughter's first round of seeds did not grow...
{We are happy to report the new seeds, which are pictured in the jar above,
have started to sprout!}
are still in the process of drying flowers from the Shakespearean themed party 
 and our daughters made nature inspired ATC, artist trading cards,
to trade with a club in Canada.

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