Journey to Outer Space - Resources

Our next unit of study for the Kindergarten through third grade science co-op class is on outer space. We have had several classes already, and we are thoroughly enjoying the activities and fascinating facts we are learning. There are many neat resources for teaching outer space which I wanted to share with you. For our class, we are using the following books.
Spine Book:
Exploring Creation with Astronomy, by Jeannie Fulbright 
God's Design for Heaven and Earth: Our Universe, by Debbie and Richard Lawrence
The Young Astronomer, by Harry Ford
Extra Resources:
Night Wonders, by Jane Ann Peddicord (amazing pictures of outer space)
The Planets in Our Solar System, by Frankly M. Branley
8 Spinning Planets, by Brian James (preschool to first grade level)
Galaxies, Galaxies! by Gail Gibbons (fantastic introduction for kindergarten through third grade)
Sun, Moon and Stars, Usborne Beginners, by Stephanie Turnbull (preschool to second grade)

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