A Life-Saving Station - A Field Trip

While we were at the beach for Thanksgiving,
we spent a morning exploring
this life-saving station.
It was restored to its 1905 appearance.
To be honest, we knew little nothing about these life-saving stations
which were apparently quite prevalent at one time.
In 1915, the life-saving stations merged with another group
to form the modern day U.S. Coast Guard.
Outside, we saw a boat in restoration.
In the distance is the sand dune that leads to the beach.
Inside were many items of interest.
{the stairs to the highest look out spot}
 {love these braided rugs!}
 {and these door knobs, which remind me of the farmhouse
where I spent part of my childhood}
{sunlight on the beds - beautiful}
One of the most interesting facts we learned was
 the station always kept the kitchen table set,
ready for the men to return after being at sea on a rescue.
{an incredible message of hope and confidence}

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