What School Looks Like in Our Home

{Just sharing a few glimpses into some of our recent homeschooling activities}

1. Seedlings growing inside will eventually be transferred outside to the garden.

2.  Our preschooler's handwriting and science combination lesson turned into a campaign
to get a pet yak, complete with a campaign poster.

3.  Our current read alouds from this week...

4.  Easter eggs left over from our youngest's co-op class a few weeks ago.

5.  Our daughters participated in the AWANA Grand Prix last Wednesday.
They each designed their car's shape and color scheme.
My husband cut out the cars and helped our daughters build them.

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  1. May I come to your school? :-)

    1. Anytime, that would be fun :-)

  2. It looks like there is fabulous learning happening in your home, Dorie!

  3. I found you through UBP 12. I hope to homeschool when my kids are older and I'm always looking for new ideas. I love the cars. :)



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