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Since the beginning of the school year, my Kindergartner has been learning about the world, one continent at a time. He has already traveled around North America and South America. Recently, he finished a unit on Europe.  As this unit fell after Thanksgiving and during Christmas, it was more challenging to complete and orchestrate special individual projects just for this unit. Consequently, you will find less activities overall and a few Christmas related art projects tucked into this unit.
Spine Books ~
The Usborne Book of Peoples of the World, by Gillian Doherty and Anna Claybourne, pp. 36-47
The Usborne World of Animals*, by Susanna Davidson and Mike Unwin, pp. 66-73
Galloping the Globe, by Loree Pettit and Dari Mullins: Germany flag - p. 85; Italy map - p. 72
Christmas Around the World Coloring Book, by Joan O'Brien: Sweden - p. 30; Germany - p. 15

Read Alouds ~

Wee Gillis, by Munro Leaf - A young Scot boy must decide between living among the Lowlanders, who call and milk long haired cows, or the Highlanders, who stalk stags.  He alternates each year, living one year with his mother's relations in the valleys, and the next with his father's relations in the mountains.  Wee Gillis learns how to call cows and stalk stags.  He likes both, but a decision must be made. What will he decide to do? My young son liked the story line and Robert Lawson's illustrations. I liked how Scottish cultural aspects like kilts and bagpipes were interwoven into the story.

Tim O'Toole and the Wee Folk: An Irish Tale, by Gerald McDermott - A funny story of a poor named Tim trying to find an easy way to get rich. He does, but he doesn't come by it easily, because he fails to follow all the instructions.

Too Many Leprechauns, by Stephen Kresnsky - A cute story about a village overrun by Leprechauns and one boy, named Finn, who solves the problem.

P is for Poland, by Agnieszka Mrowczynska & Prodeepta Das - ABC's of Poland in pictures and words

I Have an Olive Tree, by Eve Bunting - A girl, Sophia and her mother travel to Greece to see an olive tree which Sophia received as a present for her 8th birthday from her grandfather.

Activities ~

Papercrafts Around the World, by Phyllis Fiarotta and Noel Fiarotta

Sunburst, Sweden - p. 35

{My son opted to give these as gifts.}
Weihnacht Angel, Germany - p. 37
 {My son's and daughter's angels}
*The Usborne Book of World Animals we are using is no longer in print.
A more recent edition is found here.
Next Stop: Asia {Just in time for Chinese New Year!}
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  1. You do an amazing job with your curriculum and lesson plans, Dorie. Those Angels look fun to make!

  2. Those papercrafts are a neat idea!


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