Travel the World - South America

This year, my Kindergartner is learning about the world, one continent at a time. On this journey around the world, our first stop was North America, mainly because we live here, and our second stop was South America! I must confess to not having as many activities prepared and ready for him, but those which we did complete were fun and informative.

Spine Books:
National Geographic Beginner's World Atlas (pp. 26-31)
The Usborne Book of Peoples of the World (pp. 24-35)
The Usborne World of Animals (pp. 34-43)

Resources and Activities ~
South America, by Mary Virginia Fox
Brazil ABCs: A Book About the People and Places of Brazil, by David Seidman
Brazil in Colors, by Ann Stalcup
Maritn de Porres: The Rose in the Desert, by Gary D. Schmidt

Galloping the Globe, by Loree Pettit and Dari Mullins
p. 161 - map of South America
p. 178 - flag of Peru
p. 171 - flag of Brazil 


learning to weave...

Geography Through Art, by Sharon Jeffus & Jamie Aramini
p. 164 - "Bulls of Pucara" for Peru {we used play-do to make the clay bulls}

p. 150 - Rain Stick

p. 151 - Emerald Tree Boa {used a piece of green cardstock since we did not have a paper plate}

p. 155 -Pinata

Next Stop: Europe 

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