Travel the World - North America

This year, my Kindergartner is learning about the world, one continent at a time.  On this journey around the world, our first stop was North America, mainly because we live here! 

Spine Books:
National Geographic Beginner's World Atlas  (pp. 16-25)
The Usborne Book of Peoples of the World  (pp. 10-23)
The Usborne World of Animals  (pp. 44-53)

Read Alouds and Activities ~

Galloping the Globe, by Loree Pettit and Dari Mullins (maps and flags - pp. 123,130,136,144,156) 
One Nation: America by the Numbers, by Devin Scillian
Canada ABCs: A Book About the People and Places of Canada, by Brenda Haugen
M is for Mexico, by Flor de Maria Cordero
Hands of the Maya: Villagers at Work and Play, by Rachel Crandell
Guatemala ABCs: A Book about the People and Places of Guatemala, by Marcie Aboff

{Galloping the Globe, page 130}

History and Biographies:
Buffalo Bill, by Ingri &Edgar Parin d'Aulaire
The Buffalo are Back, by Jean Craighead George
Hill of Fire, by Thomas P. Lewis

Flute's Journey: The Life of a Wood Thrush, by Lynne Cherry

Geography Through Art, by Sharon Jeffus & Jamie Aramini

  • Native American Hide Paintings (pp. 126-127)
  • Quick Sketch: Moose (p. 117) - a bit too difficult for my Kindergartner, substituted with Easy to Read! Easy to Draw! Animals version of how to draw a moose


  • Papel Picado (p. 121)

  • God's Eye (p. 122)


Discovering Canada, by Dianna J. Sullivan (p. 36-27) dog sled scene


Papercrafts Around the World, by Phylis Fiarotta and Noel Fiarotta, (p. 17) Curlicue Birds - Mexico

Literature and Fun Stories:
Bluebonnet Girl, by Michael Lind - a Comanche legend about bluebonnets told in lyrical text
Mike Fink: A Tall Tale, retold by Steven Kellogg - an American tall tale
Holy Mole! by Caroline McAlister - a Mexican folk tale
The Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book, by Bob Harman (pp. 16-17)

Bible and Missionaries:
Missionary Stories with the Millers (pp. 5-9)

The United States of America Puzzle, by Melissa and Doug

Next Stop: South America


  1. Wow! You did a lot of learning in that unit!

  2. Wonderful unit! We absolutely loved Usborn's People Of The World. It is one of my favorite homeschool books of all time.


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