Another Short Week - Take 3

...a weekly wrap up

Is there something wrong when you have three short weeks out of six weeks of school?  Maybe, maybe not.  In our case, it is simply life and the freedom homeschooling offers to have a different schedule than others.  We have traveled a bit these first six weeks of school, and have been enjoying the beautiful autumn weather.

This past week, we....

{1} had our first flag football games of the season.

{2} spent an afternoon in the public gardens.

{3} had glitter turtles grace our table.  Our three younger children made these adorable turtles out of styrofoam balls, glitter, google eyes, sequins, and pipe cleaners.  They gathered the supplies and completed their turtles on their own one afternoon after lessons.

{4} took a trip to a state park for some afternoon fun.  {5} The children enjoyed swinging in the warm, sunny weather.  {6} Afterwards, we looked for signs of autumn on the tree leaves, but we didn't see a lot of fall foliage, yet.  {7} Then again, we did see signs of winter? in the pine cones.

{8} looked with wonder at the beauty of the inside of a pepper from our garden.  The beauty of creation never ceases to amaze us.

1 comment:

  1. Love the glitter turtles and that pepper! You are so right..the beauty of creation is amazing.


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