Homemade Gifts - Sunbursts

Our youngest son's Travel the World lessons have taken a definite turn
toward incorporating Christmas into his European unit.
Actually, it was extremely easy using many of the resources we have on hand.
One day, my son {and actually, all our children} made Sunbursts from Sweden, which we found in
 Papercrafts Around the World, by Phyllis Fiarotta and Noel Fiarotta. 
The instructions were easy to follow, and all the children worked independently
to create sunbursts of all colors.
After the ribbons were added, my son decided who would receive his homemade sunbursts.
Next, we plan to make "Wiehnacht Angel: Germany" from the same book.
Though the instructions are a bit more complex,
I hope he can work on most, if not all, of the project by himself
to create gifts which are truly his own works of art.

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