The Preschool A to Z Year

It is most likely our last preschool year, as our youngest will start kindergarten next school year and we currently have no babies in the house.  Even though our children don't go off to school, we still 'mourn' the loss of the preschool years, but we anticipate with joy a new chapter in our family's life.

Last week, our youngest finished his last year of preschool learning.  In this time, our children learn letters and sounds, from A to Z, numbers and counting, and simple mathematical concepts.  We also like to introduce our preschoolers to basic concepts in science, history, and the arts.  These are generally not formal lessons, but from time to time, our younger children have had unit lessons based on on books or historical time periods.  When the material is applicable, our preschoolers have participated in the group lessons alongside of our older children.  The younger children often absorb quite a lot of information during these times.  We also try to incorporate fun activities and art projects into the preschool days.

With the winding down of our final preschool year, I thought it might be nice to record our main resources for teaching preschool.  We find a lot, A LOT, of books at our local library.  Among these are fairy tales, science books, and just plain ol' fun books to read.  However, we do have a few tried and true resources/curriculum we have used for most, if not all, of our children. 

A few of our favorite preschool resources are:
Get Ready for the Code, Explode the Code Primer, Book A, by Nancy Hall
Get Set for the Code, Explode the Code Primer, Book B, by Nancy Hall
Go for the Code, Explode the Code Primer, Book C, by Nancy Hall
Christian Liberty Preschool Activity Book, by Sherry Kurz, Florence Lindstrom, and Barbara Beal
Christian Liberty Preschool Drill Book, by Sherry Kurz
Christian Liberty Nature Reader, Book K, by Florence M. Lindstrom

Two Kindergarten resources that we use in the A to Z year of preschool are:
Saxon Math, Level K, by Nancy Larson
A Reason for Handwriting, Level K, by Carol Ann Retzer

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