A Colonial ABC Lesson

Searching the shelves of the library for a misplaced book led to finding a fun ABC book about Colonial Williamsburg.

The book is called D is for Drums: A Colonial Williamsburg ABC, by Kay Chorao.  Each page incorporates a large letter into the illustration.  There are many items on each page.  Some were easily recognizable to our preschooler, but others like apothecary shop, cooper, ice house, and quoits needed some explanation.  A glossary at the end of the book helps define every single term, including common ones like chairs and dolls.  Instead of just a simple definition, the glossary offers tidbits of information as to how the object was used or what its significance was during colonial times.

While I read aloud the book, my preschooler shaped our hotch potch doll into the letter for each page following the guide in the book.  On the bottom of each page, a small cartoon shaped hotch potch doll is shaped into that particular letter.  He followed it as a guide.

Afterwards he played quiots.

Then we played with our Alpha Dice game. 

Although I am not quite sure if this final game is from colonial times, or a modern game made to look like a game from colonial times.  Either way, we had fun and our preschooler learned more about colonial times.

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  1. What fun! Your kids are so lucky to have you as their mother/teacher!


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