Organizational Help

This year, we decided to purge and re-organize every room in the house, including our school room!

With that in mind, I have been busy sorting books, rearranging furniture, and clearing shelves. 

When I was midway through the back room, our school room, I decided it would be nice for each child to have their own crate under their work tables.  We do not have desks.  Instead, each child has a table and chair.  Therefore, there is no storage space under their tables. 

Enter in these boxes!  My husband made them out of thick ply wood, and fastened them with large screws.  We wanted them durable and functional.  Each holds the children's current lesson books and notebooks when they are not in use.  Otherwise, their books are scattered on top of their individual tables. 

I am contemplating painting the boxes black to match their chairs and various accents about the room, but for now, I am just grateful for the additional storage space.

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  1. Those boxes are great! What a simple storage solution. Thanks for sharing!


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