Summertime Science - Star Gazing

Last school year, my youngest son's science co-op class, which I teach, studied outer space. We used Apologia's Exploring Creation with Astronomy, by Jeannie Fulbright as a spine text. It was fabulous. Not only were the children interested, so was I. We ALL wanted to learn more about the stars.

This summer, I picked up a few more resources for our family, including The Book of Astronomy, published by Memoria Press and The Star Gazer's Guide to the Night Sky, by Jason Lisle. Using these two books, I have been trying to memorize some constellations.

My husband's cell phone has an app in which he just points it to the sky and viola - the star is identified and constellation revealed. We used it while on vacation last month. While this is very fun to play and learn with, I am trying to memorize, old school style, a few constellations and stars. Though I must confess to being enthralled with Stellarium, an interactive program for your pc. {free download}

Since there is no pressure, I am enjoying a leisurely pace of study (AKA it may take me awhile!)

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