Summertime Science - Toothpick Structures

Last week, we dropped eggs out of windows, and not one of the eggs broke. This past week, our oldest son created a structure out of toothpicks and glue (lots of glue). We told him to design a structure which would hold a standard brick. Diligently, he worked. On Saturday, he tried it.
It worked!

Then he got the idea to try a cinder block. A bit heavier than a brick, he wobbled as he tried to place it evenly on the toothpick structure. Unfortunately, he placed it off center, and the structure collapsed on the top edge. After removing the cinder block, he flipped the toothpick structure over and tried again. This time we guided him on centering the cinder block. Despite it's damaged edge, which was now on the underside, it worked!

Next we hope to attend a star gazing event at a park.

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