Presidential Election Studies

Just who will win this election?  It is a question on everyone's mind. 
With the current talk centering around the upcoming Presidential election, we wanted to review some of what the children already knew about the American government as well as how elections work.  Therefore, this week, we set aside history lessons to focus on something very current.
We are reading through Presidential Elections and Other Cool Facts, by Syl Sobel.  After each day's reading, the children organize the information into an outline.
On election day, we will take our children with us while we vote.  In our state, the children are allowed in the booth with their parents.  They simply have to stay on the side without the voting button.  Then, that night (and probably the next morning) as the election results begin to tabulate, the children will color the states (red or blue) to reflect who wins each state's votes.
After the election, we'll incorporate a Presidential study into our history studies, moving through all the Presidents. 
We'll use these resources:
U.S. Presidents, pocket flash cards (Trend)

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  1. I LOVE that you are taking your children with you when you vote! I think it is so important that your children witness you being good citizens!


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