Harvest Books - Read Alouds

Three of our recent read alouds, which are all harvest related picture books, are great ones to read this autumn.  Perhaps your local library will have one of these titles too?

The Scarecrow's Dance

The Scarecrow's Dance, by Jane Yolen is a fun read.  The lyrical text flows throughout the story carrying the words in a slight tune.  The storyline of a scarecrow who escapes his post one night is quite enjoyable.  However, the lesson he learns about the importance of fulfilling our purpose is poignant.

Harvest Song, by Ron Hirschi is a sweet story of a young girl visiting her grandmother's farm throughout the year from spring to autumn harvest.  The two prepare a field, plant potatoes, and harvest a bountiful crop.  Through it all, the love and tenderness of their relationship is highlighted.  Although a fictionalized account, it is based on the stories the author heard from his own grandmother.

Raccoons and Ripe Corn, by Jim Arnosky is great for littler children who may not be able to sit through a longer book.  The text is quite brief and the pictures are intriguing.  The combination of a simple story of one raccoon family eating from a ripened corn field and peaceful pictures create a serene effect.

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