Geography, Elections, and Teacher Gifts

...a weekly wrap up

In our homeschool this week…
1. Our youngest is learning about Brazil in South America as part of his Travel the World studies.
2. The kindergarten through third grade science co-op class I teach, is almost finished exploring biomes.  Their most recent classes included deserts and mountains. {Pictured above is my son's Gila Monster from the lesson on deserts.}
3a-3b. As we take a slight break from our history studies, the older children are learning about Presidential elections and reviewing American geography.

I’m reading…
books about the season to my youngest, a book about after the American Civil War to all the children, and the Hunger Games trilogy in my spare moments.

Places we’re going…
We traveled to a corn maze last weekend with our church's junior high youth group.  My husband and I began volunteering in the ministry during September and have been enjoying every minute of it.  Right now, we are just learning the ropes and hopefully making some contribution.

Things we are working on…
include gifts of appreciation.  In the past, we have made homemade gifts to thank Sunday school teachers, co-op teachers, coaches, etc. who have volunteered their time and talents to the benefit of our family.  This year, I decided to try to complete these 'teacher gifts' before Thanksgiving.  We will work on various tokens of gratitude over the next several weeks.  {Pictured below are the chocolate covered pretzel rods we made for science co-op teachers.}  By finishing them earlier, I am spreading out the cheer and creating a bit more room in our December calendar.  

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  1. Loved the Hunger Games trilogy! Can't wait for the second movie to come out.

    What a great idea to prepare Teacher Gifts early! Will you be handing them out early as well?

    1. I wondered if a second movie was in the works. I'm on the second book and find it fascinating.
      Yes, we are handing them out as we make them. We decided to do tags with a fall flair and add a message of gratitude on them.

  2. I think I'm the only one around who thinks the Hunger Games Trilogy was "eh". I've read them all and they're quick, amusing reads, but I just find them nothing new. There are several other older books that have a very similar story line...and Hunger Games remind me of the Twilight girl, two guys, scary situations, love. Anyway, I'm an odd-ball! ::wink::

    Oh, I have chocolate-covered pretzel rods on my list for Christmas goodies too! Something new for us!

    1. oh but teen drama is my new thing... maybe that's why I liked it so much. lol

    2. I think, for me, the romance part is more annoying than interesting - it's formulatic at best, and obvious who will be together from the get go. However, what I find fascinating is the dynamics of power and rules/policies over individuals and their reactions to it. Humanity at its worst and best.

  3. Love the gifts of appreciation! I have really been convicted to turn November into something really special for my family. New lasting traditions. You have given me some inspiration. I think each week of November we will make some baked good gifts with a handmade card to give to the firemen, police station, area pastors, and their extra curriculum teachers (piano, 4H, & cub scouts. Hope you don't mind if we use some of your wording on your cards.

    1. Don't mind at all. I keep thinking I must have seen it somewhere, because it is card like, but I can't seem to place it and have decided to just go with it. I have enjoyed spacing out the gifts. And, I know the children definitely like the less pressure to get it done approach as well.

  4. We loved The Hunger Games! I am looking forward to the next movie!

  5. Great idea with the gifts. My hubby & I assist with our youth group also. We have been doing it for a little over a year now & have tremendously enjoyed it.


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