Art Appreciation for Young Students

We were at the library {shocking I know!} and during a search for a book on knitting, I found three new-to-us art appreciation books for younger students.  All three are by the same author, Bob Raczka, and personally, I recommend all three!

Three great art appreciation books:

Art Is... by Bob Raczka begins each thought with the title and tells readers what art is.  Each attribute is accompanied by a well known piece of art.  The author does not limit his selections to famous paintings and sculptures.  He includes fabric tapestries, buildings and even lamps.  For instance, when he says it is "enlightening," the picture displays a beautiful table lamp by Tiffany.

No One Saw: Ordinary Things Through the Eyes of an Artist, by Bob Raczka capitalizes on the idea that we each individually see and experience the world uniquely.  Thus, our art work, and the art work of famous artists reflects what we see and experience.  The text is arranged to have a rhythmic flow with quite a few rhymes of artists' last names as well.  This book predominately pictures paintings.

Unlikely Pairs: Fun with Famous Works of Art, by Bob Raczka is one unique book!  My youngest son and I enjoyed the quirky and quite unlikely pairing of famous paintings.  Most combinations presented a humorous take on the connection between the two art works.  Whether it be a continuation of the pictures or a similar subject, the end result was a different, but creative way to connect art work from different time periods and styles. 

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