Weather, Shoe Boxes, and South America

...a weekly wrap up


The week began with cloudy, cool dreary weather.  It was perfect for curling up with a good book, but we ventured out to attend an assembly on weather.  Joining numerous homeschooling families one afternoon, the children {and we moms too!} learned about weather, forecasts, and much more.  The children participated in a Weather Challenge.  My children are volunteers!  They are usually the first ones to raise their hands when asked.  Consequently, they all participated individually in some manner during the "Weather Challenge".  {Yes, even our kindergartner!}  The teams were boys versus girls, and they ended the challenge in a tie.

Our church is participating in Operation Christmas Child again this year.  For our family, it is a tradition to pack some boxes.  We love following our boxes to their destinations, which OCC offers online, check the details here.  Over the years, our boxes have gone many different places, including Iran and Dominican Republic.  The children always search the globe for the final destinations. 

We finished shopping this week, packed boxes, and had a few things left over.  Since our church does a few Shoebox Packing Parties, we donated the items that didn't fit.

Most of our lessons are progressing nicely.  The children have accomplished so much during these first few months of school.  I am always amazed by the year's end at how much information was introduced, learned, and mastered.  Our youngest is learning about the world.  Currently, he is studying South America.  This week, he made a rain stick and an emerald tree boa.  {Both project ideas are from Geography Through Art, by Sharon Jeffus & Jamie Aramini.  Our youngest daughter wanted to make her own rain stick, too.  The picture above shows both children's creative designs.}  Our older children are finishing up the American Civil War in their history studies.

And, now that the weather has turned back to beautiful autumn days with clear skies and crisp air, we are enjoying the great outdoors again.  We'll save a few good books for those freezing, dark days of winter, but for now, you are more likely to find us outside exploring and playing.

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